Sk8 4Kids Candle Fundraiser
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Sk8 4Kids Candle Fundraiser

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Welcome to our Sk8 4Kids Candle Fundraiser! 

Enjoy a FREE 5oz scented lavender candle with a donation of $18. 100% of profits will benefit Sk8 4Kids. 

For locals: (Enter: FREESHIP at check out to take away shipping fee)  

About Sk8 4Kids: 

We are proud Directors of Sk8 4Kids! Sk8 4Kids is a non-profit youth organization devoted to providing an educational and charitable service to assist youths in our community to overcome social and economical challenges. Through the use of skateboarding,  we foster community building,  team cohesion, and battle juvenile delinquency.  Our main mission is to assist youths with a passion for skateboarding to excel in the sport. We financially support youths through their journey of learning and developing new social & mental skills with skateboarding sports. 

Join us in helping our youths excel in their craft! 

Your donation of $18 will help us to provide:

Nutritious meals during practices 

Skateboards and replacement parts

Adequate shoes for the sport plus other club necessities. 

To learn more about our non-profit or to make a separate contribution,  please go to: 

On behalf of all club members,  we THANK YOU for your support!