Scented Candle in side-cut Wine Bottle
Scented Candle in side-cut Wine Bottle
J&M Creations of El Paso

Scented Candle in side-cut Wine Bottle

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Calling all wine lovers!

This unique candle is handpoured into a hand-cut upcycled wine bottle that has also been grinded down to remove any sharp edges.

It is made with premium soy wax with a scent that can be customized using the drop down menu. It contains triple natural wooden wicks that make a comforting crackling sound while burning.It is adorned with wax decor for an extra Texan Desert Rose touch. 

Turn it on for a perfect ambiance casting over an enchanting evening dining at home or use as a centerpiece for your dining table that will intrigue your guests. 

Order yours today by adding it to the Cart. Customize with your scent of choice from the drop down menu.